My 10 Faves — Bedroom Edition

This is my first year living off campus. We have a cute little house and I love that each roommate has put her own personal style into her space. I think I have some unique items that made my room come together the way it did. Here are my top 10 favorite parts of my room:
. My bed belonged to my Papa, a pseudo-grandparent of mine. Papa used to own a reupholstering shop and this bed was in his office for when we was too tired to drive home at night. It’s a great comfort knowing I have furniture not only from his shop, but from Papa himself.


2. My pineapple lamp was a lucky find at a local consignment shop at home. I had been looking for one online, but everything was pretty pricey. This one is perfect – I love it!

3. My desk was given to me by a friend from work who graduated. It matches the bed so perfectly you would think the same person was responsible for both.

4. This chair was thrown into a dumpster at Ford Motor Company about 25 years ago. My mom saw it there, decided it was still usable, and dug it out. I definitely got my love for all thing consignment from her! This chair makes a squeaky, donkey noise when you get out of it. I think it has personality!

5. I found this plate at an antique mall and fell in love. It’s called “Marriage License” and it is so lovely.

6. I had this cube shelf in my dorm and this summer I decided to paint it pink. I love the way the pink looks with my brown furniture. It definitely adds a fun pop of color to my space.

7. This nightstand was in my childhood bedroom, and before that belonged to Papa! One of his empty Ouzo bottles sits proudly on it, along side a bottle of wine from my sister’s wedding, a cross stitch from GIRLS, and a custom drawing from fun.’s Andrew Dost. 

8. This chair is probably my favorite item in my room. I called it either The Angel Chair or Joyce’s Chair. It belonged to the mother of my mom’s college boyfriend. Her name was Joyce. The angel name comes from a story of my mom’s from when she was studying at Colorado State University. My mom saw a car broken down on the side of the road. She offered to help the woman inside by letting her stay in her dorm for the night. My mom offered the woman her bed, but the woman insisted on spending the night in the chair. She stayed in this chair all night and read the Bible. When my mom woke up in the morning, the woman was gone.

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it. – Hebrews 13:2


9. This is my “real-life Pinterest.” I have comedy, inspiration, and favorite things. It’s a fun thing to add to, and it’s a nice decoration to look at while I am at my desk. I have another Norman Rockwell here, “Bottom of the Sixth.” This one reminds me of my dad’s “Tiger Den,” a room in our house dedicated to the Detroit Tigers. And I also have a picture of my two favorite women, my mom and Karen, Papa’s wife.

10. My last (but not least) favorite thing in my room is my home gym. I ripped pages out of the Athleta catalog for inspiration, and printed off the “Squat like Ryan Gosling is Behind You” sign. It adds a nice little touch to my home for my yoga mat, thigh master, and free weights.

I love this room so much. My room at home is comfortable, but it’s decorated for me at a different time in my life. This room makes me feel grown up. I’m in my own space and the decoration is totally up to me. I’m glad I have my vintage and consignment pieces, too. It gives my room a home-y touch, without feeling like someone else put it together for me.


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