Halloween in college means three nights of parties and three nights of costumes. My roommates and I have a reputation to uphold with our costume from last year. We were the characters from Spring Breakers and we.kicked.butt! It was an epic costume and this year we had to top it. We tried our best and I think we did a fantastic job. Shout out to my roommate Bethany for bringing her sewing machine and hand-crafting Snow White’s skirt with no help from the internet. I am amazed.


I love this group! Everyone is so into character and they are all amazing. 

Okay, Grumpy.

My hair took quite a bit of conditioner to get the Evil Queen look out, but it was fun to dress up differently than I had before.

These costumes were so much fun, and I love that we were able to include our entire group. Here are the photos from the rest of our weekend:


Rosie the Riveter and a Green Beret (used with her dad’s actual clothes from the Army. Pretty cool!)


Emily and Emma were two Rihanna covers


Here are our kick-ass Spring Breakers costumes. This will forever be one of my favorite memories from college. These costumes were a huge success.

While we’re at it, here’s our other costumes from last year.


Peacock, Sugar Skull, “A” from PLL, and a flapper. Easy and fun for a non-group costume.

Mouse, Hit Me Baby One More Time Britney, The Slutty Pumpkin (but hardly. I kept it classy), and a cat.

I can’t wait to start brainstorming our senior year costumes. They should hopefully be the best yet!


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