This year, with both groups of friends in houses off campus, called for a bonafide Friendsgiving.

We put together a Google Doc so each of us could sign up for something and all contribute. I made green bean casserole because it’s a staple and I could eat pan after pan of it.

We had our meal at the boys’ house and they did a lovely job of hosting.


They pulled their beer pong table (which I learned used to belong to one of their grandparent’s and is from the 60’s! That hurts my heart) from the basement to eat on – oh college!


I love this wine jug! The wine in it left a lot to be desired, but the jug is amazing. I’m so proud of the boys for incorporating it into the dinner’s decor.

My plate of deliciousness featuring Mitch’s chicken, my casserole, Vinny’s potatoes, Bethany’s raspberry mousse, and Ryan’s rolls.

Friendsgiving = success!


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