World’s Saddest Cupcake

Before I start, let me apologize. I had an incredibly difficult time sitting through this episode. It was essentially two hours of Shawn forcing Kaitlyn to reassure him of a love that maybe isn’t quite there yet. This conversation could have been 10 minutes, but it was the bulk of the episode. I lost interest quickly, so my apologies if my recap is lacking.

Shawn is the new Nick/Britt, in the sense that he is having a really hard time accepting that Kaitlyn is dating other people. He is upset that Kaitlyn says she is falling in love with him, but then gives other men a rose. Welcome to The Bachelorette, Shawn. I understand that humans have emotions and they fall for people, but contestants (that’s what they are after all!) need to realize that they signed up for this and knew exactly what they were getting into. Enough already. If she wants to be with you and you alone, she’ll give you the final rose. It is an incredibly simple concept.Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 8.44.56 PM

The first date this week was a two-on-one with Joe and JJ. This is an important date for JJ, because he needs to tell Kaitlyn about the biggest regret in his life. I highly recommend doing this when on a group date. Joe gets alone time with Kaitlyn first, however, and tells her about the chemistry he feels between the two of them. He was sweet and open and deserving of a rose. JJ admits that he cheated on his wife and Kaitlyn is super understanding of it because this is a television show. Ultimately, it wasn’t enough for JJ, and he was sent home (finally). Joe and Kaitlyn continue their date, while Shawn confesses to America that Kaitlyn already told him, “It’s you. You’re the one.”

1435603538_kaitlin-shawn-467Shawn comes over to talk to Kaitlyn (again) and she is panicking. I feel like if she is having this much regret about what she did with Nick, maybe he should be sent home. Anyway, Shawn isn’t calling her out about that; he is just having trouble with how reassuring she is. I don’t even know what else I can say about this conversation because they both know that they signed up for The Bachelorette and clearly neither of them can handle it.

There is a cocktail party in the middle of the episode. This is not quite the end of the episode party I’ve been waiting for, but it’ll do. Kaitlyn sits with the guys and sweats and shakes and confuses everyone. The guys sit and try to figure out what is making her so nervous. Nick and Shawn both have their own ideas. At long last, a rose ceremony! Roses go to Ben H., Cupcake, and Shawn, along with Nick, Joe, and Jared who had theirs from dates. So we got our rose ceremony, but we still have to suffer through 40 minutes this week.Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.21.33 PM

The other date this week is a road trip. Jared gets to ride with Kaitlyn, while the rest of the guys ride in a bus. Clearly they read my blog last week and got the idea to go kiss the Blarney Stone. I don’t care that this happened months ago, let me have this. Kaitlyn tells her confessional that she is really happy and doesn’t see how anything can go wrong. Cue Chris Harrison knocking on her door. He tells her that she will go down to three men this week (next week, I’m assuming, is when we will actually see this).

1435629198000_us_abc_320Cupcake is the first to go on a date with Kaitlyn before she sends half of the guys home. The two take a helicopter to top of the Cliffs of Moher. It is indescribably beautiful. Unfortunately, Cupcake can’t enjoy the beauty because Kaitlyn starts crying and breaks up with him. At first, he takes it really well. He says he understands and asks her just to talk, if this is really their last chance to talk. Once Kaitlyn leaves and Cupcake is left alone on the cliff, he lets his emotions out. Honestly though, is there a better place to do it than on the top of a cliff in a beautiful country? Let it out, Cupcake. It’s okay.Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 8.20.12 PM

Next week: Kaitlyn tells the other guys about how she was “intimate with Nick.” I can’t see Shawn taking this well.

Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers.)

Ben H.

So what do YOU think? Has Shawn had too much reassurance from Kaitlyn? Are things going to backfire for Kaitlyn when she tells the guys about her intimacy with Nick next week? Who will be in the final three? ARE BRITT AND BRADY STILL TOGETHER?


One thought on “World’s Saddest Cupcake

  1. Does it make me a bad person if I hope there is a fist fight between Shawn and Nick next week? I don’t even care who wins, I just want to see both men get punched in the face once. Nick cause he is Nick and Shawn cause he is channeling Britt a little too well for my liking.


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