Say, What’s in this Drink?

I’ve been dreading this post. While I love this song, I hate the connotation that it has been given throughout the years

Baby, It’s Cold Outside is NOT a song about date rape. Unfortunately, I have heard that said one too many times. This adorable holiday song is quite simple, I think. They both want to stay together, but the woman knows that she should get home. There is a reason she keeps making so many excuses – she’s definitely worried about what her family will think if she stays out too late. She wants to stay though because she is enjoying this man’s company.

“Well maybe just a cigarette more.”

The man, obviously, is looking for her to stay too. I don’t see his intentions as malicious even in the least. Yes, he may be exaggerating a little bit, but he’s in love!

“Say what’s in this drink?”

That is not a comment about Rohypnol, but rather another excuse for her not to head home right away. That’s how I see it, at least. I choose to see the good in this song, because I think it really is cute and there are some fantastic covers of it.


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