I Don’t Want You To Think I’m Crazy


This week was the first of the normal Bachelor routine: two group dates and a one-on-one.

Jackie, LB, Lauren H., Becca, Amber, Jubilee, Jennifer, Lace, and Mandi were picked for the group date which was high school themed. I like Ben, I really do, but a high school date to define who you is a little strange. I know he’s not a born-again-virgin or a professional soccer player, but there has to be more to him than high school graduate. Anyway, the date consisted of the girls getting into teams of two and completing themed tasks, like bobbing for apples (what, you didn’t do that in high school?), until one team was left standing. Amber and Mandi had to duke it out to see who would win homecoming queen. Everyone wanted this title because they had never gotten the chance to have it in their own high school. Everyone has their own tragedies on The Bachelor. After Mandi was crowned homecoming queen and Ben smiled uncomfortably at the results, the date continued into the evening.

This group date had all of the components of a classic Bachelor outing. Lace apologized for being crazy the night before, beginning every statement with, “I’m not crazy,” and then continued to act exactly the same for the entire night. Ben had his first his with Jennifer. Ben had his first kiss with Jubilee. Ben had his first kiss with JoJo. So romantic! The date rose went to JoJo, and it was well deserved. Ben took her to the top of the building on a helicopter pad and they looked out at the city skyline. For a while it looked like they were going to dance and I think sobs from women all across America would have been heard. They kissed on the top of the building before he gave her the rose, and it was really adorable.


The one-on-one date was with Caila. And also Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, who were there promoting their new movie. The movie is called Ride Along and I only know this because they worked it into every scene very carefully. The awkwardness and forced comedy of this tumblr_o0thgxV4f31rt54mko1_500date was made better by one of the classic Bachelor private concerts. Amos Lee, Ben’s favorite artist, was waiting for them to perform while they danced together. Ben was singing Caila the lyrics, they kissed, and my heart exploded. It was so, so cute. Obviously, Caila got a rose.

The second group date was for Emily, Hayley, Sushanna (who speaks English this week), Amanda, Olivia, and Samantha. They started the day with Dr. Love (I hope that is his real name solely for how convenient it would be for him), who scored the attraction between them and Ben using highly scientific methods like sniffing. Unfortunately one of my faves, Samantha, didn’t smell too good to Ben and also had the lowest score of the group. Up and coming mean girl, Olivia, had the highest score and wasn’t going to let anyone forget it. I’m not okay with how cocky this girl is.It’s absolutumblr_o0tow581hK1r7y4e6o3_500.giftely alright to be confident, but you do not need to be rude to everyone and keep declaring that Ben is your man. That makes you sound delusional. I’m all for staying optimistic about the fact that the guy you like is dating 25 other women, but you don’t need to give everyone in the house an excuse to not like you. People talk and things get back to the bachelor. Just saying, Olivia..Even after Amanda opening up and telling Ben about her daughters, Olivia got the group date rose.

At the cocktail party Ben melted the hearts of every man, woman, and child in the country when he showed how sweet and romantic he is. He gave Lauren B. a picture from of them from the first night, and told her how much he liked her. She didn’t respond as well as I thought she would have, but she might have been caught off guard. She hadn’t seen him on any dates this week and probably wasn’t expecting such a nice gesture. Then, Ben found Amanda and they made hair barrettes for her daughters. I’m not kidding. He had a glue gun and everything. It was beyond adorable. However, there was still the same drama with Lace and Olivia. If Ben could see what we see (and had no producers telling him what to do) he would send both of them home immediately. I’m sure of it. After Olivia stole Ben from Leah, Lace stole Olivia to call her out for already having a rose and still wanting alone time. I totally get where she is coming from, but homegirl is still a little aggressive. It should be interesting to see how the relationship between those two pans out.

Roses this week went to JoJo, Caila, Olivia, Amanda, Jubilee, Lauren B., Leah, Becca, Rachel, Lace, LB, Jennifer, Emily, Jamie, Lauren H., Sushanna, Hayley, and Amber. LB left the mansion right after receiving a rose from Ben because she couldn’t handle the show anymore. Surprisingly, her departure was not very dramatic.

Next week seems like it will be very exciting, as the preview featured lots and lots of tears. See you then!

Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers)


What do YOU think? Should someone else have gotten the group date roses? Why did LB leave? Is Kevin Hart that short in person (he is, I can vouch for this one)? Who in their right mind would date Lace or Olivia after seeing how they act on this show? Let me know in the comments!


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