Bachelors Have Layers

Well, I think we’ve done it- the most dramatic week in Bachelor history. Can you even believe it?

The first date card of the week was for Lauren B. and the clue said “the sky’s the limit.” Get it? She’s a flight attendant. In true Bachelor fashion, Ben and Lauren B. flew around in a cute little plane, went over the mansion to taunt the other girls, and landed in a desert where there was a hot tub waiting for them. They shared a few awkward kisses and some serious conversation about family life and “feeling feelings.” Afterwards, they walked into a barn where Lucy Angel, who I presume is Ben’s second favorite artist, gave them a private concert. They slow danced and they kissed some more, and Ben gave Lauren B. her rose.Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.38.10 AM

Meanwhile at the mansion, the girls were anxious about who would get the next one-on-one date, as this week there were two of them and just one group date. Caila, Jubilee, and Joelle were the most nervous, and Caila shed a few tears over it. I get it. They have to spend time with him so they are fresh in his mind above 20 other ladies, and group dates don’t always work out for everyone when the Olivia and Laces of the world keep stealing him away.

Speaking of group date, this week’s was huge. Amanda, Hayley, Jennifer, Shushanna, Leah, Amber, Lauren H., Olivia, Jami, Rachel, and Lace were invited to go play soccer with Ben, Kelley O’Hara, and Alex Morgan (cue men all over the world gaining more interest in The Bachelor than they ever thought possible.) The girls were split into two teams and had to compete to spend the rest of the day with Ben. None of them were very good, but after a tied game, one team scored a sudden-death goal while the others were told by Chris Harrison to return to the mansion and “ice your sore muscles and bruised egos.” Ouch, Chris. Olivia, Amber, Hayley, Lace, and Jami were left with Ben. Of course, Olivia stole him away first. While she was gone, the other girls talked about how her toes were ugly and her boobs were fake. This is where it starts to get ugly. In a move of possible clairvoyant sabotage, Jami pulls Olivia aside to tell her what all of the girls were saying about her. More on this later. On this group date, Amber got the rose.

The second one-on-one date went to Jubilee. After being so nervous about it, and so excited when she found out she was going, she didn’t seem too happy when Ben got there. When he arrived she had no issue telling him that he was 20 minutes later. The other girls were about to tackle her. A helicopter landing outside broke the tension (her clue was also “the sky’s the limit”…oy vey.) All of the girls were very excited about this. Well, all of them but Jubilee who is apparently afraid of heights. She made the mistake of saying, “does anyone else want to go on my date?” Jubilee is no longer liked in the house. She is, for some reason, still liked by Ben.Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.38.34 AM

On their date, Jubilee told Ben that he didn’t laugh often enough and that he was tense. A normal person might be put off by this, but Ben liked it. As they ate (or spit out) caviar and swam in a gorgeous infinity pool, they both admitted that they were really falling for each other. I’ve read a little bit online about what others think about this IMG_0046couple, and people really seem to like them together. I can’t say I feel the same. I like them both separately, but they just don’t seem to jive to me. I appreciated the fact that they were able to have a really serious conversation and get to know each other in a way that doesn’t seem as shallow as some of the other dates. I think this is because they both have a lot of layers.

At the beginning of the cocktail party, Ben tells the girls that he has just learned that a couple of his family friends have been killed in a plane crash. I thought that he would maybe cancel the party, but instead he took the opportunity to see how the girls would interact with him knowing that he was hurting. Olivia took Ben first to clear something up about her date. Instead of even acknowledging that he was experiencing tragedy, she turned the conversation to herself immediately. “I’m really trying to be strong right now.” She said as she talked to someone in mourning about her freaking toI11iiVoes. Thankfully, Ben didn’t find this charming and he was a little disappointed. This is where I feel like Jami was loving the fact that she was the one who pointed out this gossip to Olivia. It kind of backfired for her. However, Olivia is still confident. She knows that Ben’s little signs (touching her leg and looking in her general direction) mean that he loves her the most and that she has already won.

Amanda talked to Ben to see how he was doing, and she let him talk and express his feelings. I’m hopeful that other girls did the same, but Amanda was the only one that was shown. Jubilee decided to give Ben a massage as a way to cheer him up. While he loved it, all of the other girls thought it was super inappropriate. When Jubilee was finished, she wrapped herself in a blanket and sulked in a corner. Homegirl definitely had a lot on her mind. Some girls decided to leave her alone – if she wants to act like this then let Ben see how little she cares. Other, like Amber, decided to call her out. After essentially chasing her around the house, Amber tracked Jubilee down and gave her a piece of her mind. Ben got involved like a reluctant dad trying to figure out why his two daughters were arguing. I truly think that if both of these girls hadn’t already been given roses on their dates, he would have sent them both home.

While drama was going down with Amber and Jubilee, Lace pulled Ben aside to talk. However, it’s not what you think it is! Instead of telling him that she hadn’t had any time and that he hadn’t looked at her enough, she told him she needed to go home. Lace said that before you love someone, you need to love yourself. To Ben’s relief (I’m assuming), Lace left on her own accord that night. I was worried, after all of the cocktail party drama, that the show would take a page from Kaitlyn’s season and have us wait until the beginning of the next episode for the rose ceremony. Much to my surprise, we still got our roses. Lauren B., Amber, Jubilee, Lauren H., Amanda, Becca, Hayley, Emily, Rachel, Caila, JoJo, Jennifer, Leah, and Olivia got roses. Jami didn’t take well to this, leaving the mansion and warning viewers to never expect anything from humans. I have made this image, which I will update, to help you remember who has gone home and what the girl was all about. imageedit_15_5663133535

As dramatic as this week was, I think next week is going to top it. Ben has the nerve to kiss another girl and Olivia finds out and has a panic attack! Drama!

Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers)


I would love to add Lauren B. to this list now too, but I won’t cheat. (Ugh, can’t I just trade her with LB? Technically they are both a Lauren B…)

So, what do YOU think? Did you expect Lace to go home? Do you think Olivia is delusional? Do you feel bad for Jubilee? Do you hate your toes and your cankles? Let me know in the comments!


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