Zen with Ben

Here we go- week four with our lovable Bachelor, Ben.CZm6zZ4WkAIzseS

This week, everyone up and left the mansion for Las Vegas. The first one-on-one was with JoJo. Ben must have remembered how much she enjoyed the helipad last time because he took her to another one where they enjoyed champagne and some snacks. That is, until a helicopter came and the wind blew over the table and broke the champagne bottles. Ben and JoJo were able to laugh it off though, and they kissed amongst the broken glass and loud helicopter noise. The truly unfortunate thing about this situation was that the other girls could see the whole thing go down from their hotel window. You can imagine how this made Olivia feel. Later in the evening, JoJo and Ben had a deep conversation about trust, and finished off the date with a rose and fireworks. Again, the other girls watched on in sadness.

Amanda, Jubilee, Caila, Amber, Hayley, Emily, Leah, Lauren H., Jennifer, Lauren B., Rachel, and Olivia were picked for the group date where Terry Fator, a man with many puppets, helped them put on a talent show for Ben. The point of this talent show was to have fun, get the girls out of their comfort zone, and see if they could laugh at themselves. All but one of them was able to do this. Can you see where this is going? After the twins did some Irish dancing, Jubilee played the cello, Rachel made balloon animals, and Lauren H. dressed up like a chicken and sang a song, it was Olivia’s turn. After popping out of the cheapest prop cake the theater could find, she danced around awkwardly and proved that she clearly was not capable of laughing at herself. I get it. It’s awkward and stressful and embarrassing and you just wantScreen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.41.23 PM to look cute in front of the guy you like, but homegirl messed up bad. After her performance she ran off and had a panic attack in a dressing room that was reserved for Boyz II Men. This was fine. She has every right to get her emotions out and put her embarrassment behind her. However, that is not what she did. In true Olivia fashion, she continued to bring it up to Ben all night (and later at the cocktail party) and say, “That’s not me. That’s not who I am.” Ben started to get a little bit fed up. He was looking for a girl who could just laugh at herself and enjoy making a fool out of herself for a little bit. Olivia bit her fingers in confusion in a testimonial that went on far too long, but enough about her. Ben and Caila’s romance is heating up very quickly- he even called her a sex panther, which is something. It was Lauren B. though who earned the date rose, after telling Ben that she too felt unlovable.

The next one-on-one went to Becca, who received a wedding dress that she opened and tried on in front of everyone. Most of the girls were nice about it and played along, but Jubilee called her out in testimonial and in front of everyone. She said that it was appropriate that she was wearing that white dress because she was the only virgin there. Not okay, Jubilee. Not okay. Ben and Becca went to a wedding chapel and officiated some Vegas weddings. It was an CZpRMFwWkAAQBfYunconventional date, but I dug it. Afterwards, they went to a neon sign museum (incredible date idea. A+ to the Bachelor producers) where they too talked about Becca’s virginity, this time in a respectful way. It was a really cute date, and obviously Becca got a rose.

The dates didn’t end here though. You may remember that Haley and Emily, professional twins, are from Las Vegas. Ben thought it would be nice to take them both to their house and get to know them better. It was great…for one of them. He seemed to be getting on well with both of them, but Emily told him that she didn’t feel that her sister was as ready or as into the experience as she was. That was all Ben needed to send Haley home…or rather, leaver her home. Oh well, she got to stay with her mom and about 80 adorable wiener dogs. Not too bad.

At the cocktail party there was more of Olivia trying to unnecessarily redeem herself, Ben and Caila making out, and a bunch of girls saying, “Can I steal him?” Becca, JoJo, Lauren B., Amanda, Lauren H., Jubilee, Emily, Caila, Jennifer, Leah, and (unfortunately) Olivia got roses this week. I was sad to see Olivia stay, but next week’s preview showed Ben getting really irritated with her, and it’s about time. 145321800972139

Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers)

Joelle (JoJo)

So what do YOU think? Did Ben send home the right twin? Are Caila and Ben the new Juan Pablo and Sharleen? Is this just not who I am at all and I don’t want you to have to see this right now? Let’s discuss!


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