This Week on ‘The Spachelor’

Monday is the greatest night of the week. Can we all agree on that?

The second week away from the mansion took place in Mexico City. Again, the girls are taken to a gorgeous hotel and they have Ben to thank for it. He paid for all of it out of his pocket and it was all his idea, too. I’m sure of it. The first one-on-one was given to Amanda. All of the girls were really happy for her, except for Olivia. She’s honestly terrifying. I get being upset or jealous that you didn’t get a date card, but that smile she gives the other girls is just plain scary.Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.27.30 PM

Amanda’s date started at 4:30am, when Ben came into the girls’ hotel room and woke all of them up. As you can imagine, they weren’t too thrilled about this because Ben usually only sees them in heavy makeup and ballgowns. Lauren H. took the whole process like a champ, even keeping her retainers in. Somehow, Amanda looked great right out of bed and was ready for her date. Maybe she was already sleeping in makeup just in case this happened- kind of like Britt did on Chris’ season. Anyway, Ben and Amanda left for their date where they took a hot air balloon ride over Mexico City and enjoyed both a picnic and a candlelit dinner. She opened up to him more about her children and also about her previous marriage that didn’t end too well. I really like how Ben treats these conversations. He is really sweet and acts like he is just the luckiest guy in the world to be getting to spend time with these women. I can tell it means a lot to them. Needless to say, Amanda got a rose on her date.

This week’s group date was for Jubilee, Becca, JoJo, Caila, Emily, Lauren B., Jennifer, Leah, and Olivia. The date started with a Spanish lesson so the girls would have an understanding of the traditional Mexican recipes they would be cooking later in the day. Each girl had the chance to confess her love to Ben with her newfound Spanish language skills. Jubilee, however, only gave Ben attitude because he had already told other girls on that date that he liked them. Hey, Jubilee- you do know what show you are on, right? After the lesson, the girls partnered up to start their cooking. Guess who Olivia’s partner was? She and Ben snuck off together to make something that was later said by the chef looked like dog food. The other girls stuck together and bonded over their mutual distaste for Olivia. Ben, oblivious to any drama between the girls, enjoyed the date and called himself “The Spachelor.” He had consumed at least two shots of tequila before saying this.

Later in the evening, each girl had their chance to steal Ben away for some alone time. That is how it always works. You want to talk to Ben, you go and steal him. Jubilee did not seem to understand this concept and spent the majority of the night complaining that she hadn’t seen him yet. Her complaints didn’t get her what she wanted, because Ben ended up sending her home right from the date. After a great conversation with JoJo and some steamy kisses with Lauren B., Ben ended up giving the rose to Olivia. Everyone in the world simultaneously gasped. Why, Ben? Why?!

Lauren H. got the second one-on-one of the week. She and Ben were invited to walk in a fashion show and they were both pretty stoked about it. There wasn’t a whole lot to this date, but it was really cute. When they were done walking they hugged and kissed and celebrated. I think that they are really nice together, even if it were to be just as friends. I do think Ben likes her, but not necessarily as much as some of the other girls. After the fashion show, they had dinner and she also told him about a past relationship where she had been cheated on. Now Lauren H. is from Michigan, and doesn’t live too far from me. I had already heard this story from two other people who happened to know her from different places. Small world, eh? But I digress- Lauren H. and Ben had a lovely date and she ended up with a rose.bachelor-2016-mexico-city-ben-higgins-lauren-himle

At the beginning of the cocktail party, Amanda was talking about how she misses her children. Olivia commented that hearing her talk was like watching an episode of Teen Mom. No one took well to this comment and they did not hesitate to tell that to Olivia. Of course, instead of apologizing, she started crying and making excuses. Emily decided that she had had enough of it and went to find Ben to tell him about what he wasn’t seeing. She wasn’t really able to keep it together during this conversation, which I thought would be a bad thing. Instead, Ben saw the tears as a sign that something really strange was going on inside the house and he wanted to figure it out for himself. He went to investigate and TO BE CONTINUED.

Yep, they’ve done it to us again. We have to wait until next Monday to see what Ben says to Olivia when he pulls her aside privately. I can hardly wait. I know I don’t want to read spoilers, but oh my goodness I just want to know. 145321800972139-1

Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers)

Joelle (JoJo)

So what do YOU think? Will Ben take Olivia’s rose away? Do you recognize Amanda from the Cheetah Girls 2  and Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh because apparently she was in that? Is Emily going to last much longer without her twin? Let me know in the comments!


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