What Hurts The Most

Final six! Let’s go!

This week Ben and his ladies headed to the glamorous Warsaw, Indiana, where Ben grew up on what looked like a very nice lake. None of the one-on-one dates had a rose this week, but they were still important as they were the last chance for the girls to talk to Ben before the hometown dates. The first date of the week went to Lauren B., who I from this point forward can now just be known as Lauren.

CbTGA3FUMAAjvo-Ben drove Lauren around his hometown, showing her all of the wondrous sights of Warsaw. They shared a kiss outside of the movie theater where Ben had his first kiss, after Ben used the same line from his first kiss. I wasn’t really crazy about that. After the tour, they headed to a youth center where Ben used to volunteer. They played basketball with the kids and some members of the Indiana Pacers, obviously. This date was important because we learned how absolutely adorable Ben is with children. We also learned that there is a wonderboy in Warsaw, IN who can make half-court shots and make people kiss. The day was fun and the dinner following was filled with genuine conversation, prompting Lauren to admit ITM* that she was not only in love with Ben from The Bachelor, she was in love with Ben from Warsaw,Indiana.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.53.29 PM
The next date, which is tied for cutest of the week, was for Ben and JoJo. They met at Wrigley Field and spent the day playing baseball, running around the stadium, laying in the spongey grass, and exploring. I have to say, I have applied for internships with both The Cubs and The Bachelor, so I’m really hoping this date was some type of good omen for my future work endeavors. Anyway, after an afternoon of parading around in matching Mr. and Mrs. Higgins jerseys (kind of early for that, but cute nonetheless), thtumblr_o0tow581hK1r7y4e6o3_500ey enjoyed a candlelit dinner in the outfield. Over dinner, they discussed JoJo’s insecurities, and her reasons for holding back and trying not to fall too hard too fast. Ben eased her mind and said, “come on, Mrs. Higgins.” She was sold from there and let her guard down a bit. My reaction to this entire date looked a like this.

Caila, Amanda, and Becca joined Ben for a tiny group date where they paddled some boats, flew kites, and enjoyed a lovely picnic in a nice barn. It was almost enough to make people want to change the channel and watch The Grammys. The dramatic part of this date was the rose – whichever girl it went to got to spend the rest of the day with Ben, while the others went home. It was like a less drastic two-on-one date. Caila and Ben spent most of their time together kissing, and Becca spent her time expressing her frustrations over the whole process, and asking Ben not to blindside her at the rose ceremony. I feel that because this is her second time going through this, she needed to be more open, positive, and aggressive. Amanda ended up with the rose, to no one’s surprise. This is where the date gets good. They went to McDonald’s. I’m not kidding. They walked underneath those beautiful golden arches and pulled a Lady and thimagese Tramp with a french fry and it meant something, dammit. Again, I am not kidding. I think this is an incredible date. It’s like when Kaitlyn and Chris went to Costco. These are normal activities that will be common in post-Bachelor life. These are important dates. Plus, McDonald’s is the best. Ben agrees.

After McDonald’s, they continued to live my dream date and went to a carnival set up in Ben’s honor. The mayor spoke about Ben, saying he is a model citizen of Warsaw. It was very small town and cute. While the date might not have been the most glamorous event of the season, it was important because Amanda was the first to get a rose, and the first to be guaranteed to get a hometown date.

At last, Emily got her one-on-one. Because Ben had already met her family when the gang was in Vegas, Ben took Emily to meet his family. This turned out to be a big mistake on Ben’s part. Before you continue, please press play and listen as you read. The lyrics are incredibly appropriate for the situation.

CbTYejXXIAUQpqyI don’t actually think Emily is stupid, despite the dumb music that is played every time she is on screen. I’ve seen her stuff on social media and she seems to have a very entrepreneurial mind. I do, however, think that she talks way too much and even more so when she’s nervous. Emily failed to impress Ben’s parents with statements about her distaste for vegetables and her dreams of being an NFL cheerleader. Ben’s mom got emotional when talking to him about how she felt that Emily was a little too young and immature. This sealed the deal for Ben, I’m sure, and Emily was sent home. It was nice to see that all of the girls had grown to be close friends. When Emily walked in, everyone embraced her and sat with her before she packed her stuff up and left.

Before the rose ceremony, Ben talked to Chris Harrison and got some relationship advice, which happens to be the coolest thing in the whole world. After a few tears, Ben was ready for the emotional and important rose ceremony. Amanda, Lauren, JoJo, and Caila were given roses, and stood in the cold looking exactly like the girls from Pretty Little Liars as Ben explained himself to Becca. And that’s all she wrote.screen-shot-2015-03-27-at-12-55-44-pm

So, what do YOU think? Did Ben blindside Becca? Will Becca be the next Bachelorette? Did Emily talk herself out of Ben’s heart? Do you want fries with that? Let me know in the comments!


Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers. I feel like I wish I could change this now, but I’ll be honest and keep it. If I did change it though, I would have added Lauren B. weeks ago, and switched Caila and Amanda this week.)

Joelle (JoJo)

*ITM means “In The Moment,” and refers to the type of interview with this contestant. For more terms and definitions, refer to Sharleen’s blog. It’s very insightful. 

Also, if anyone is wondering how my favorite Bachelor couple is doing…they’re amazing.


5 thoughts on “What Hurts The Most

  1. I think he did blindside her. I feel like she was basically asking him during their conversation on the group date to either send her home or validate her. He really should have just sent her home then, I don’t think he had that huge of a struggle picking between Caila and Becca — Caila is Ben’s sex panther and it’s quite obvious. I hope Becca is the Bachelorette!


  2. This makes me smile. I love Becca and if she isn’t the next Bachelorette, I’ll probably quit watching. Oh that’s not true, I’ll say that I’m not going to watch, but lets face it, who can ever turn this show off?

    I like JoJo and Lauren. Can’t stand Caila…or Amanda’s kids.


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