Microwave Love

Well, we made it to hometowns and I still like the show. This hasn’t happened in a while. I was so fed up at this point during The Bachelorette last summer. But despite what Ben thinks, he is likable, perhaps even lovable. The four remaining girls seemed to think so.

Amanda’s hometown was the first visit. Ben met up with her in Laguna Beach and right away he was introduced to her daughters. They seemed to hit it off well. Ben helped them build sandcastles, fly kites, and play their favorite game: be chased. It was a wonderful afternoon, until the car ride home when little Jarlie Charlie got antsy and cried the whole time. When they arrived at Amanda’s parents’ house, Ben had time to talk to both of her parents. They didn’t seem to incredibly impressed, but then again who would? Your daughter is dating a man who has been dating multiple women for weeks now. It’s just good parenting to be a bit skeptical. While they both approved, they didn’t seem too thrilled, and they each had their doubts that Ben was ready to be a father, especially after only one afternoon at the beach. The lovebirds didn’t seem to mind though. They were still very much into each other, and getting ready to tell each other their true feelings.

These kids have a better fashion sense than I do, which was a little hard to take.

The next hometown date was Lauren in Portland. Lauren took Ben to numerous food trucks and a place called The Whisky Library. Ben was in heaven and practically proposed right on the spot. They got the chance to talk a little bit more than they had in past couple of weeks, due to all of the drama that Leah started. This was good for them. They needed it. After their date, they went home to meet Lauren’s parents and siblings. Her sister took Ben aside to have a little chat first. Now, a normal person would have been terrified of this girl – crazy eyes, condescending attitude, and a fairly off-putting personality. Ben is used to this though, as he is The Bachelor and therefore some type of saint. He saw right through her jealousy and fake happiness for her sister (it sounds harsh, but this is how she was acting) and gave an Oscar-worthy performance, crying when he couldn’t find the words to describe his feelings for Lauren. Ben was probably begging to be back with the sister later though when Lauren’s brothers decided to ask him about the fantasy suite. Yikes! The rest of the evening went well though. Again, the parents are hesitant but just want their daughter to be happy.

That’s bacon on a donut. That is not on The Bachelor diet, I can almost guarantee it.

The next stop for Ben was Caila’s town of Somewhereville, Ohio. Caila took Ben to a bench near her old high school where she always saw couples go. They talked a little and kissed a lot, which seems to be what they do best. Then, instead of doing something that pertained to the similar job that they both have, they designed and colored a toy house that they then got to go into a factory and build. It was definitely a cool activity, it just seemed completely random and unrelated to Caila’s life. After the date, they went home to her family. Caila talked awkwardly (these didn’t seem to be conversations that she usually has with her parents) to both her mom and dad about how strongly she feels for Ben. Her father asked Ben how he was dealing with his “microwave fame,” but that is as dramatic as this family meeting got. Her mother told her to go jump on him, but she didn’t and she let him leave without expressing her true feelings. The people I watch with and I all agree that they definitely have something physical, but they aren’t really compatible anywhere else. We all predicted that we could see her staying around for the fantasy suites, for obvious reasons, and then being sent home.

Ben likes blue.
There were plenty of pictures of JoJo’s hometown, but I think this one of her mom sums up the evening best.

JoJo’s date is where things get dramatic. Before Ben even arrives, two dozen roses were delivered to her doorstep, along with a handwritten note. JoJo quickly realized that this was not a gift from Ben, but instead a gift from her punk ex named Chad. In a move that proved how much she likes Ben, she immediately called Chad and told him that she was not even remotely invested in their relationship anymore, and called him out for never being that interested when they were together. You go, girl! After she told Ben about her dramatic afternoon, they left to go meet her family. I loved this. I’m sure they would have enjoyed a fun day in Dallas, but they didn’t need to. They just sat on the couch and talked. They seem the most like a real couple to me, and I think that is what is important when it comes to staying together post-Bachelor. The drama didn’t stop there though. JoJo’s brothers were a bit too protective of her and called Ben out for being coached on what to say, saying the same thing to everyone’s families, and just being on the show for fame. Her brothers should know, too, as one of them was on a reality dating show himself, far before Ben was. (You can’t hide from the Internet, brother who is also named Ben.) After Ben assured JoJo’s family that his feelings were genuine, her parents came to his rescue and defended him. Her brothers still looked a bit scary though. There’s a difference between being protective and just being a jerk. Clearly, JoJo likes Ben a lot. I would love to hear the conversation that she had with her brothers after Ben went home.

hair.gifThe girls arrived back at the mansion for the rose ceremony following their hometown dates. There was no cocktail party, and no time to talk to each other or to Ben. Lauren, Caila, and JoJo were given roses. As Ben walked Amanda out, she told him that she would have appreciated him breaking up with her at home if he knew that she was the one going home. I am really tired of the girls saying this. You’ve seen the show before – you know how it works! There has to be a rose ceremony at some point. It’s going to suck, but it’s the show and you signed up for it.

So, what do YOU think? Do Ben and Caila have something more than a physical relationship? Should he have sent Amanda home while she was already there? Were JoJo’s brothers creepy? Should Lauren’s brothers not be allowed to watch next week? Let me know what you think in the comments!



Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers.)

Joelle (JoJo)


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