I Love You. And I Love You Too.

Jamaica -the most romantic place in the world. This week on The Bachelor, Ben gets the chance to invite the remaining three girls into a fantasy suite, courtesy of Sandals Resorts. The episode opened with Ben looking longingly at a bed, and going over the pros and cons of his three girlfriends. Caila has a nice smile, but will she be able to cry when Ben wants to cry? Lauren was as close to love at first sight as Ben has ever experienced. JoJo is the most real, and he seems to be most comfortable with her. A full day together and an overnight without cameras will determine who he has the strongest feelings for.Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 12.39.24 PM

Caila, who Ben (jokingly?) said he feels his deepest relationship is with, is the first date of the week. They started the day with the world’s most awkward river rafting trip. For a relationship that is so deep, they sure didn’t have a lot to talk about. Most of the ride was silent and looked like this.022916-bencaila1

They both acknowledged how awkward it was, but didn’t do much to try and make it feel more natural. Caila was really upset that she wasn’t able to tell him on the river that she loved him. I think that the lack of conversation proves that she hardly knows him. They never really talk – they mostly just make out. At dinner, she finally got up the courage to tell Ben that she is in love with him. The awkwardness melted away as they started kissing and frolicking in the ocean, enjoying the fireworks display that was probably put on just for them – I’m sure Lauren and JoJo loved hearing it. They started their night in swimsuits, making out on a bed, so it’s safe to assume what they did with their time in the suite.

enhanced-31221-1456852842-1Lauren and Ben had a really cute date where they got to help some baby sea turtles reach the ocean. Supposedly many of the cute baby turtles will die, which made me sad. The rest of this date, however, distracted me from the sad turtle fact. They talked some more about opening up to each other and how they both think that the other is too good for them. It was frustratingly adorable. After they eased each other’s minds a bit, Lauren admitted to Ben that she is completely in love with him. Ben, in a shocking Bachelor twist, said he loved her too! She was amazed and relieved, and the rest of their date was like a new beginning for them. They continued to exchange “I love you” throughout the night, and again in the morning when they woke up. Ben was so happy, he almost didn’t want to leave to go on his date with JoJo. This would change though.

enhanced-19206-1456852437-1For what has to be the first time this season, there was a helicopter on a date. Ben and JoJo went to a waterfall and some cliffs for their date. They talked about JoJo’s brothers and about some of the same frustrations Lauren was feeling. JoJo was angry about what her brothers said to Ben, but she could tell that Ben wasn’t letting it bother him. His feelings for her were too strong. So, she too told him that she loved him! And in an even MORE shocking Bachelor twist, he said it back! Ben, don’t you know the rules?! Regardless of what may or may not be in his contract, I loved this. JoJo has been one of my favorites from the beginning and I loved seeing her and Ben, admittedly in love, and enjoying their suite together…the bit that was shown on tv, anyway. Get your mind out of the gutter, people.

ben-higgins-caila-quinn-2-750x522-1456803270.pngThe next day Ben had to himself to gather his thoughts and process his emotions. That is, until Caila came and surprised him. You could tell by his body language that he had had a complete 180 change of heart about her. Without wasting much time, he sat her down and told her he was in love with the other two girls. Ouch, man. Caila continued to smile through the tears and politely said that she’d had fun and will miss him. Not 10 seconds into her ride back to the hotel, she hopped out of the car to confront him. No time like the present, right? She asked if he knew that this was his plan along. He denied it. I like Ben, I really do, but I do think that this was in the back of his mind, at least the way I saw things going with Caila compared to the other girls. Ben assured her that he didn’t know until after all of the fantasy suite dates, but Caila was still upset that this was when she was sent home. Note to all future contestants on The Bachelor: THIS IS HOW IT WORKS. YOU GET SENT HOME OR YOU WIN. THE ODDS ARE NOT IN YOUR FAVOR. I just don’t think it’s fair to Ben that regardless of if he sends a girl home in private or in a rose ceremony, they are still getting mad at him!

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 12.40.14 PMThe rose ceremony was a bit confusing for JoJo and Lauren, but I’m sure it was also a huge relief to see two roses with only two of them standing there. Obviously, Lauren and JoJo will both be returning next week (actually in two weeks, March 14) for the finale. I CANNOT WAIT I DON’T WANT TO READ SPOILERS BUT I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHO HE CALLS AND WHO GETS THE BEAUTIFUL NEIL LANE RING!

So, what do YOU think? Who gets the ring? Who does Ben call? Was Ben a jerk to send Caila home after the fantasy suite even though that’s how the show works and someone has to go home? Who are you most excited to hear from at Women Tell All? Let me know in the comments!


Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers.) The thing here is, while I predicted JoJo staying from the first night, I really feel like he will pick Lauren. I like JoJo more. I would pick JoJo. But I think Ben feels a stronger connection with Lauren, even though I see a stronger connection with him and JoJo. Hopefully he reads my blog (in the past) to help him with this decision!

Joelle (JoJo)

Before the Twitter slideshow, I’ve got some bad news. You won’t be hearing from me next week for Women Tell All…or at least, not right away. I will be out of the country with spotty wifi access and probably not a television that gets ABC. And also I some semblance of a social life. I have a fun surprise queued up for next week, so enjoy that. I’ll bring you my thoughts of WTA as soon as I can. Until then, why not share this blog? I know you’re reading it. You probably laughed once at least. So maybe you could share it with your roommate or read it aloud to your dog or post it on Facebook or email it to your grandma and have her forward to everyone in her contact list? Consider it your good deed for the decade…but don’t. Go out there and do some actual good in the world. Be like Leo. But first, share my blog. 🙂


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