Don’t Cry For Me

We’re getting into the part of this season of The Bachelorette that’s really good. The love is real (ish), the insults cut deeper, and I think that there are still a few dark secrets that are yet to be revealed. This week, JoJo and her boyfriends were in Buenos Aires, where there were three dates planned. First, Wells finally got a one-on-one.

While most date cards give a clue to what the date activity will btumblr_n0jql1MG5s1qjcyqno1_500e, Wells’ only said, “Bésame, bésame muchado.” If you watched Juan Pablo’s season, this probably sounds familiar to you. If you don’t have these words, JoJo was asking Wells to kiss her, and to her kiss a lot. When the card was read aloud, Wells told the other guys that he was the only one who had yet to kiss her. If I were him, I would have kept that detail to myself, because it resulted in a lot of jokes made at his expense. When it was time for the date, JoJo took wells walking around downtown. It was awkward, but only because they both knew that they were expecting something. Wells was being very sweet and waiting for the right moment, but it just seemed that it was never going to come. Finally, after learning some moves from the Fuerza Bruta show that they attended, Wells and JoJo shared their first kiss in a suspended and shallow water tank thing. It was much cooler than it sounds, but for me the moment was ruined when JoJo yelled,
“That was it Wells! That was the moment!” At dinner, JoJo asked her usual questions about past relationships. She really likes those. For Wells, however, the chemistry was no longer there. He left the date without a rose, and JoJo went back to finish Fuerza Bruta by herself.
The group date also included some walking around downtown, but quickly turned into a soccer date. Of course, Jordan was on this date. He was joined by Luke, Robby, James Taylor, and Alex. The guys that they were playing with decided that the bachelors should start a penalty shoot-out, and whoever made a goal got a kiss from JoJo. Lucky for James Taylor, he was the only one to score. At dinner, Luke took JoJo away first and they spent the majority of their time together making out. Even if Luke doesn’t make it all the way to the finale, I predict that he will make it to the fantasy suites. His physically chemistry with JoJo is incredibly strong. When James Taylor got a chance to talk to JoJo, he pulled a Leah and decided to rat Jordan out for something that was so minuscule it was almost nonexistent.  I am not kidding, he told on him for not playing a card game correctly. I feel bad that he felt so behind in this competition for love that he decided his best option was to make the front-runner look bad. Especially given the story he used, and how doing this has panned out in previous season. It’s one thing when you’re telling JoJo about someone violent like Chad, and a completely different thing when you’re telling her that Jordan Rogers plays poker a different way than you do. Jordan was not very pleased with James Taylor, but I’m not sure that he’ll hold a grudge. The guys seem pretty chill and I think they get along well more often than not. Likely because James Taylor ruined it for himself, Luke was given the date rose.

The third date this week was another unprecedented two-on-one with Derek and Chase. Personally, I feel like this date was completely out of left field. I know there was some drama last week between them, but I didn’t think it was nearly enough that it needed to be solved with a two-on-one date. JoJo, Derek, and Chase danced a fairly awkward tango that was mostly just JoJo twirling in-between both of the guys. After the dance lesson, they went to dinner and JoJo talked to Derek first. Their conversation had me certain that Derek was going to get the rose. He talked about how he was trouble opening up, but how things are easier with her. When JoJo talked to Chase, she told him that she gets the feeling that she likes him more than he likes her. JoJo heard what she needed to hear from Chase, and ending up giving the rose to him. Derek was completely blindsided. He got into the car and was sobbing, telling himself multiple times to stop, while somewhere in the same city JoJo and Chase danced to a live performance of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.

At the cocktail party, Jordan tried to redeem himself from the playing cards rumor, but I don’t think he had a whole lot to worry about. Alex was upset that he hadn’t had a one-on-one yet and barely got to spend any time with her this week. I loved that because it meant that I didn’t have to see him or listen to him much. When it was time for the rose ceremony, JoJo stood in her gorgeous blue gown (looking like Anastasia) and gave roses to Robby and Jordan. When it was time to give out the final rose, she ran out and said she couldn’t do it. Chris Harrison seemed very concerned and worried about this. She told him that she didn’t want to give out that rose, and he told her that if that is what she wanted, that is what they would do. The producers are tricky though. It wasn’t actually that JoJo didn’t want to give out that one rose, it was that she didn’t want to give out JUST one rose. James Taylor and Alex both got roses and everyone left the rose ceremony happy.

jojo sorry

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.48.37 PMWho’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers.)

Grant (Should’ve gone with Alex!)

So, what do YOU think? Do you agree with her decision to send Wells home? Would you have given the rose to Derek or Chase? Do you dislike Alex as much as I do? Let me know in the comments! And if you like this post, please share it on Facebook or Twitter. When it comes to Bachelor fans, the more the merrier!



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