I Feel Grape!

We’re so close to hometown dates! I can’t wait! But first, since he wouldn’t stop whining about it, Alex got his one-on-one date. JoJo and Alex went to a ranch to learn how to be gauchos for the day. More importantly, and way more entertaining, the rest of the guys did this.

If I were JoJo, I would have rather been in the bus with the other guys. I don’t know if you can tell, but I really do not like Alex. I especially did not like him when the gaucho laid the horse down for them to go and cuddle with and Alex said to JoJo, “I’m your goocho.” Everything in that last sentence was true. They were cuddling a horse and Alex made himself look really dumb. JoJo wasn’t really feeling Alex either, because after he told her that he loved her, she sent him home. There wasn’t a rose on this date anyway, but she didn’t want to keep him around for the week knowing that she wanted to send him home. Good riddance, Alex!Alex

JoJo’s next one-on-one date was with Jordan. They took a private jet to a winery because when you live in Bachelor Nation, you live in luxury. Not so luxurious was the fact that after they stomped their grapes, they dipped their glasses into the buckets and drank the chunky wine. They said it was good but I imagine that it tasted like dirt, feet, sweat, and NO. At dinner JoJo asked Jordan how he was feeling and he said that he was feeling great. He missed the opportunity for a great pun, so instead I used it for this week’s blog title. JoJo told Jordan that she was excited for hometown dates and asked him about his family, likely to find out if she gets to meet his brother. Jordan said he is not close with Aaron, and that his brother doesn’t really talk to anyone in the family much anymore. JoJo masked her disappointed, but was again excited when Jordan told her that he loved her.jordan

The next group date was one of my favorites that I have seen on The Bachelor(ette). Robby, James Taylor, and Chase joined JoJo in her hotel room where they ate junk food, played games, and watched the Brazilian version of The Bachelor. James Taylor was again an instigator, but I kind of appreciated it because it brought out a side of JoJo that we hadn’t really seen. When she was angry with the tabloids or with Chad, she was understandably upset. When James Taylor told her that Robby is known in the house for having a wandering eye, she could have acted in one of many ways. She laughed it off for a second, but in a more serious way told him that if it were true she would be really irritated. I thought it was a genuine reaction, considering the source and the fact that she was still on a date with two other people. In her one-on-one time with the men she told Chase not to be nervous, and James Taylor that he has every quality that she is looking for in a husband and a father to her children. When she talked to Robby, it was to clear up what James Taylor had said and what he responded with was enough to earn him the group date rose. Or maybe his Truth or Dare induced half naked romp around the hotel was did it. Either way, Robby is guaranteed a hometown date.Group

The final one-on-one was with Luke and was another horse date. This was fun because Luke got to show JoJo something he has a lot of experience with at home. He was able to answer her tough questions about why horses shake their heads by explaining, “she’s just got a bug in her nose.” It was lovely. JoJo was very impressed with Luke’s horse knowledge and skeet shooting skills, and she seemed really excited to be able to share that date with him. luke

By the end of her date with Luke, JoJo knew that she did not need a cocktail party this week. This made Chase and James Taylor really nervous, because she had just said some pretty convincing things to both of them. JoJo gave roses to Luke, Jordan, and Chase, which meant we said goodbye to the black sheep, James Taylor. The Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher  Episode 7 Preview - from YouTube

Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers.)


So, what do YOU think? Were you as confused as I was when the gaucho was laying the horse down? Would you have drank that wine? Is Robby hiding something? Who will make it to the fantasy suite? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter!2


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