Fourth Time’s A Charm

Please disregard any negative things I have said about Nick Viall on this blog. It’s 2017 and we are going to start with a clean slate! I really want Nick to find lasting love. I wouldn’t recommend this franchise for it, but it’s worked out in the past. Not for him, but still. I’m rooting for you, Nick!nick-viall-the-bachelor-trailer

Monday was Nick’s fourth trip to Bachelor Nation. I think he’s grown a lot since we first saw him on Andi’s season. Bachelor in Paradise showed a more laid back side of him and helped me to see that he’s not the villain that the past seasons may have made him out to be. Plus, the beard is working wonders for him.

Nick’s episode started with him getting advice from past bachelors. While I understand why they bring multiple dudes back, I think this would be a much more helpful segment if they only brought Sean back. He’s the most “successful” of the recent bachelors, and who doesn’t want to look at Sean Lowe? When the time came to spray down the driveway and bring in the limos, things became a bit of a blur. It might have been because over half of the girls wore red dresses, but the introductions started to blend together a bit. There are A LOT of girls on this show. But as far as first nights go, this was pretty tame. Yes there was a drunk dolphin shark running around, but no fights, minimal tears, and no early exits. Success! Here are Nick’s picks:

  • Alexis: 23 year old aspiring dolphin trainer from New Jersey. This is the infamous dolphin shark. It was a super cute idea, but she may have gotten just a bit too drunk. She got into the pool and insisted all night that she was a dolphin, not a shark. The girls who were sent home were not happy that she got a rose instead of them, but I think she will be a cool girl once the dolphin shark costume comes off. screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-10-04-59-pm
  • Dominique: 25 year old waitress from Los Angeles. I don’t have anything specific about her from the premiere, which might mean she is going to fly under the radar and be drama free, but it might also mean that she will not get a date next week and go home. We shall see.
  • Brittany: 26 year old nurse from Santa Monica. She put on a glove and asked Nick to bend over. I’m sure he was relieved when her introduction was over.
  • Whitney: 25 year old Pilates instructor from Minnesota. Cute and quiet.
  • Raven: 25 year old fashion boutique owner from a small town in Arkansas. She is an early favorite for me. She seems really nice and she is adorable. While a lot of the girls were annoyed with the dolphin shark, she wanted to be her friend.screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-9-58-25-am
  • Jasmine: 29 year old NBA dancer from San Francisco. This girl knew what she was doing and stepped out of the limo with Neil Lane himself. Unforunately, this is probably painful for Nick, as each time he has met with Neil he has picked out a ring that a girl did not accept, but it was still a very clever move.
  • Vanessa: 29 year old special education teacher from Montreal. She speaks French which is very romantic. I think Nick could be interested in that. Hopefully she makes it to the traveling portion of the show and they go to a country where she can show that off.
  • Jaimi: 28 year old chef from New Orleans. She was the only girl to wear a short dress instead of a gown and she seems to play by her own rules. She told Nick that he has some balls, and so does she. She then showed him a septum piercing with little balls on it, which is much less interesting than being a transgender woman.
  • Rachel: 31 year old attorney from Dallas. She and Nick hit it off right away because she went to law school in his home state of Wisconsin. They root for different football teams, but Nick still likes her and gave her the first impression rose. Fun fact- she is the first ever black woman to receive a first impression rose.image.jpg
  • Astrid: 26 year old plastic surgery office manager from Tampa. She walked out of the limo and asked Nick if he liked her big fake boobs but in German. Nick was confused but I think he liked it.
  • Danielle L.: 27 year old nail salon owner from Los Angeles. She was the first out of the limo, and I thought she made a great impression. She is super pretty and I think she will stick around for a while.
  • Danielle M.: 31 year old neonatal nurse from Nashville. She decided to have Nick lick syrup off of her fingers? I don’t know. It’s not the intro I would have gone for, but she said she’s confident in her French toast. Get it, girl.
  • Lacey: 25 year old digital marketing manager from NYC. She rode in on a camel because Nick likes to hump. Yep…
  • Hailey: 23 year old photographer from Vancouver. She is another one that I’m not sure I can see sticking around for a while. She’s very quiet.
  • Taylor: 23 year old mental health counselor from Seattle. (Side note- 23?! I’m 23! I couldn’t be a mental health counselor right now. This girl is a baby! How is she a mental health counselor at 23?!) I wasn’t incredibly impressed with her, but I’m not the one handing out the roses.
  • Corrine: 24 year old business owner from Miami. This girl is TROUBLE. She has money and a nanny and platinum “vagine.” She gives Nick a bag of token to use with her, but he doesn’t end up needed them because she decided to be the first to kiss him- token free. She is definitely a girl to watch out for. e18247a338d659603bc09f495e0af7e5
  • Elizabeth: 24 year old marketing manager from Dallas. She wore a white, lace dress which is not very subtle.
  • Christen: 25 year old wedding videographer from Tulsa.
  • Liz: 29 year old doula from Las Vegas. Funny story about Liz…she and Nick have already met! And also they have already slept together! Liz was Jade’s maid of honor. In the preview for the season Liz tells some of the other girls this little tidbit. I’m sure it goes over very well. jade-roper-wedding-maid-honor
  • Kristina: 24 year old dental hygienist from Kentucky. She is Russian, so that’s fun!
  • Josephine: 24 year old unemployed nurse from Santa Cruz. She seems like a handful. She brought Nick a (raw?) hot dog and asked him to eat it with her, Lady and the Tramp style. I’m thinking it wasn’t 100% Nick’s choice to give her a rose.
  • Sarah: 26 year old teacher from Newport Beach. She wins the award for most clever introduction. So Nick wouldn’t be the only runner up, she ran from the top of the driveway over to him. She also got to wear her sneakers all night so she is the real MVP.


And there they are! Those are the ladies who will join Nick on his journey to find true love. Hopefully when we see him after this season, it’ll be for a televised wedding and a new bachelor advice session. Here’s to hoping!

Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers.)
Danielle L.
Danielle M.

I’m not feeling as confident about these picks as I have felt in the past. I can see Corinne sticking around for a while, even though she is a villain. I can see Vanessa, Christen, and Taylor staying too. Oh well…we shall see!

So, what do YOU think? Who will stick around for a few weeks? Will Alexis be normal? Is Corinne worse than Olivia from Ben’s season? Who are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!


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