Hometown Happenings

If you missed Nick visiting the hometowns of his remaining bachelorettes, here’s 10 things that you need to know:

  1. Nick seems really really super awkward. I don’t know many dads who would like their daughter bringing someone from The Bachelor home, but I really don’t know who would like a three time Bachelor alum.

source-32. Nick and Raven picked an interesting activity to do before you go and meet someone’s family for the first time. How many hotels are there in Hoxie, AR? I’m assuming Nick checked in to one to clean up a bit before meeting Mr. and Mrs. Gates.


3.Raven set Nick up to think they were getting in trouble for being on someone’s grain bin. Obviously they didn’t actually get in trouble- Raven’s brother is the cop who “busted” them. It got me thinking though. How great would it be if something went wrong on a date and the couple really did get in trouble with the law? Now that’s some good tv.source-2

4. On Nick’s date with Corinne, she bought him an outfit that could pay for my yoga teacher certification, a trip for three to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, 21% of my student loans, a down payment on a car, or a good portion of your admission into a Major League Baseball Fantasy Camp. Instead, she got him some new clothes. Nick looked very uncomfortable.source-5.gif
5. Corinne’s family seemed to be exactly how I expected them – a bit like the sisters and dad from Clueless, a bit Kardashian, and very ready for their own reality show. I’m not sure Corinne’s dad would respond to her if she didn’t call him “daddy.”source-6.gif

6. This is Raquel enjoying an olive.

7. I repeat – Nick is super awkward. source-1

8. Rachel’s brother-in-law looked like he could be Nick from the future. inlaw

9. I didn’t want to spend too much time on Rachel’s hometown date, considering we know it doesn’t lead to anything. Her family seems nice though. I’ll enjoy revisiting them this summer. source-4

10. Vanessa has clearly never watched this show before. She was very upset when she learned that Nick asked all of the dads for their blessing to marry their daughters. Vanessa, it’s been 21 seasons. Don’t act so shocked!source-7

Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers.)
Danielle L.
Danielle M.

So, what do YOU think? Which girls will be in the final two? Will three girls make it to the fantasy suite? Why is Vanessa the worst? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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