To Thine Own Self Be True

We had a whirlwind two-night Bachelorette event this week and just when I thought things in Bachelor Nation were getting a little too predictable, Rachel threw some curveballs. In case you have better things to be doing than watching four hours of reality television (and I’d like to know what you deem more important than this), here is what you need to know:

  1. When last week’s episode ended, we were still on a group date. After 1,000 years of arguing between Kenny and Lee, we saw Rachel give the group date rose to Bryan. The week finished off with Rachel’s one-on-one with Jack Stone. She ended up sending him home which is so strange and not at all a good and safe choice for her. giphy-1.gif
  2. At the rose ceremony, Rachel gave roses to Eric, Peter, Adam, Will, Matt, Alex, Josiah, Anthony, Kenny, and Lee. This means we had to say goodbye to Dr. Tickle Monster.giphy-6.gif
  3. The next one-on-one date was with Justin Verlander Bryan. He and Rachel repelled down a ski jump and shared a romantic kiss mid-air. Rachel noted that she is worried about Bryan because he’s such a catch and somehow he’s still single. What are you hiding, Bryan? You look about as innocent as Jack Stone.giphy-7
  4. The next group date was for Adam, Dean, Anthony, Peter, Matt, Will, Alex, Eric, and Josiah. The boys split up into two teams and played handball for Rachel’s heart. Adam Jr. felt left out. giphy-3
  5. Rachel told Josiah that she wants him to be more genuine. I loved this move considering all Josiah does is talk about how great he is and how lucky Rachel is to have him here. Meanwhile, this was Peter and Rachel during their alone time. STILL ON A GROUP DATE. Get it, girl! giphy-9
  6. Despite Rachel and Peter getting hot and heavy, Will got the group date rose. He was very excited and confident, but it did not prove to be enough for him. Later in the episode, he got a one-on-one with Rachel and she ended up sending him home because she wasn’t thrilled with how little he was opening up to her. This made me sad. I know it’s part of the show, but he hasn’t known her that long. He was nervous and holding her hand was probably enough to freak him out – I don’t blame him for not kissing her. The poor guy was nervous. Anyway, goodbye to Will. giphy-8
  7. Lee and Kenny were summoned to a two-on-one date and I bet we can all guess how this one ended. They argued and name called and gave Rachel a whole lot to think about, but in the end, it was Lee that she left stranded in Norway. That wasn’t enough for Kenny though. Before he boarded the helicopter with Rachel he went back to taunt Lee some more. If I were Rachel, I would have asked the helicopter to fly away and leave them both to figure it out themselves.

    giphy (1)
    Kenny, I know it’s harsh, but grow the hell up.
  8. In the second rose ceremony of the week, Rachel gave roses to Dean, Eric, Peter, Alex, Adam, and Matt. Josiah was floored and it was hilarious. Eric had a quick one-on-one with Rachel that went quite well and I think he has redeemed himself from his earlier anger with Lee.

    I don’t have a gif for this one so enjoy Peter.
  9. The next group date was a Viking games competition with Dean, Kenny, Bryan, Alex, Matthew, Peter, and Adam. They all wanted to prove their manliness and beat each other up for Rachel. How romantic. Kenny and Adam ended up being the top Vikings and beat the crap out of each other to the point where they drew blood (hello, bloody Kenny clip from the season teaser!). Adam was trying really hard to make an impression on Rachel, but in the end, Peter proved to be the top Viking of Rachel’s heart. And who can blame her?giphy-4
  10. We met Kenny’s daughter this week because he missed her and had a few Facetime conversations with her. I’m sure there was a little more to it, but Kenny missing his daughter gave Rachel an easy out to say goodbye to him. At the rose ceremony, Rachel gave Matt, Dean, and Adam (good on you!) roses. giphy-2

Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers.)
Matt (Sidenote- I can’t believe I picked him! He seems so forgettable!)

So what did YOU think? Are you surprised about anyone who went home? Who is your current front runner? Do you still like Rachel or do you think she’s sent true love packing? Let me know in the comments!

There is no new episode next week. Enjoy your celebration of America and enjoy this picture of Peter relaxing after the handball match!

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 9.33.35 AM
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