I Really Really Like You

Welcome back, Bachelor Nation. It feels good to be back with a normal episode after breaks and double episodes and too many To Be Continued screens to count. If you missed this week’s episode because you’re off enjoying your summer, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Rachel went on four dates this week. Three one-on-ones and a mini three-on-one group date. Her first date was with Bryan. She treated him to a fancy Swiss watch and he attacked her right there in the store. He was very happy. I’m wondering though if they don’t work out, does he still wear that watch?giphy.gif
  2. At dinner, Rachel continued to express concern over why Bryan is still single. Personally, I get it. The dude is obnoxious. We will be seeing his hometown next week though.giphy-8.gif
  3. The second date we saw this week was with Dean. He was a goof with Rachel as they went to church and danced around the city. giphy-7.gif
  4. Dean told Rachel that he was nervous about her meeting his family because it’s not a very traditional situation. She told him not to worry and that she would be so excited to meet the family that shaped who Dean is. This is all good and fun but the preview for next week definitely makes sense on why Dean was concerned. YIKES, y’all. It’s an interesting situation for sure. I’m not sure Dean is going to last much longer, however. When Rachel asked him to be serious and ask her questions he came up with, “Do you believe in the tooth fairy?”, “What’s your favorite dinosaur?”, and “You’re pretty.” He still got a rose and will be taking Rachel to Aspen, CO next week. giphy-4
  5. Peter had the next date and they went dog sledding because they are so fun and perfect. giphy-5
  6. They had some serious talk about good days and bad days during this Bachelorette journey and Rachel was really thankful for that. She’s pretty no-nonsense. Peter said that he doesn’t throw the word “love” around very easily and he channeled his best Carly Rae Jepsen and told Rachel, “I really really like you.” I’m going to slap him. He’s so perfect.giphy-6
  7. The group date was for Adam, Matt, and Eric. If you don’t know who those people are, it’s because no one does.giphy-10
  8. Rachel said goodbye to Matt in a very emotional way. She told him that out of everyone that she’s met, he is the most like her. She admitted that she didn’t get to spend enough time with him and the other relationships progressed more quickly.giphy-2
  9. The second person to get sent home on this date was Adam, which means next week we will see Eric’s hometown. I’m thinking that unless Rachel is super put off by Dean’s situation at home, Eric will not be making it to the fantasy suite.giphy-3
  10. Here is a bonus Peter.giphy-1

Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers.)

So what did YOU think? Do you believe in the tooth fairy? What’s your favorite dinosaur? You’re pretty.

Gif source: giphy.com

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