“Besos Me”

Three men left. We’re almost there! Who will Rachel choose to continue her journey of love with? This week we got to see the bachelors meet Rachel’s family and spend the night in the Fantasy Suite. Oh la la! In case you missed the show, here’s what you need to know:


Rachel and Peter shop for gifts for her nephews before he goes and meets her family. This was incredibly adorable and I could hardly handle it. Peter is perfect. At home, Peter tells Rachel’s family that he doesn’t want to lose Rachel and that he is falling in love with her. However, he still thinks that engagements are huge commitments and he doesn’t want to promise that yet. He does not ask her mom for her blessing…yet. I thought Rachel’s mom wouldn’t like this move, but she really loved it. It’s because Peter is respectful and charming and knows how to treat a lady well. This is how I feel every time I see Peter and Rachel together:giphy (2).gif


Eric goes on a tour of Dallas with Rachel before they head to her home, which is gorgeous and huge, to meet her family. Eric is really nervous because just as he had never brought a girl home before, he had never really been brought to a girl’s home either. Rachel’s family thought it was odd that he didn’t have a lot of relationship experience. They weren’t as captivated by him as they were with Peter. This is because they are CORRECT. Even still, Eric asks Rachel’s mom for her blessing to marry her and he gets the OK. In other news, Eric is still here.


Same, Peter.

When Rachel came to pick Bryan up for their date, Eric noticed that they both had on their matching watches. I wouldn’t think much of this because they are nice, expensive watches that they got while they were on a fun trip to Switzerland. Eric, however, was very discouraged over the fact that they were going to meet Rachel’s family with their fancy matching watches. Bryan quite enjoyed this.giphy-4

Bryan gets the pleasure of meeting Rachel’s friends before he meets her family. Rachel tells them that she thought Bryan was a douchebag when she first met him. This is because she is also CORRECT. At home, mama is not very impressed with Bryan. I think she is worried about how close he is with his own mother and whether or not he would defend Rachel if she and his mom ever butted heads. In a moment of apparent weakness, Rachel’s mom gave Bryan permission to ask for her hand in marriage. I really really really hope that we don’t get to that point.

Back on the dating block, Rachel lands in Spain with Eric. She kept saying that she’s so excited to get proposed to for the first time in her life. Is she planning on this happening multiple times? I suppose she is a part of Bachelor Nation… Anyway, she and Eric enjoy a lovely date where they can talk more before their evening of fantasy. The best part of this entire date was when they pulled away from a make-out session and Rachel had lipstick all over her face. Needless to say, I’m sure they really enjoyed their time in the Fantasy Suite. giphy

Next, Rachel and Peter galavanted around wine country and were serenaded by a Spanish man. They seemed to have a really lovely day sipping wine and stomping on grapes. At one point in the grape bucket, Rachel yelled, “Besos! Besos me!” Peter thought this meant that he should stomp on the grapes faster. Clearly, they learned nothing from Juan Pablo! After they “besosed” each other, they sat down for a romantic dinner. Peter popped the cork on their wine and asked Rachel to write on it so he can save it for his special cork collection. Hey, Peter. I do the same thing with wine corks. Let’s get married. The wonderful romance on this evening got a little tense, however, when they continued to talk about engagements. Peter and Rachel seem to have a different opinion on them…even though they both believe it’s a big commitment that you only want to do once and it leads to marriage? I have no idea. What I do know is that because of this rift, Rachel got emotional about whether or not things will work out between her and Peter. This is where out episode left us. We don’t even know if they chose to forgo their indvidual hotel rooms. giphy-5

Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers.)

So what did YOU think? Will things work out between Rachel and Peter? Will Rachel’s mom scare Bryan away? Will Eric ever find love? Let me know in the comments!


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