Really, Rachel?

Y’all, we don’t even need a list of ten things that happened this week on The Bachelorette. One thing happened and that one thing was the most frustrating argument I’ve ever seen.

After Peter and Bryan’s fantasy suite dates, Eric not receiving a rose, and Rachel’s last dates before the final rose, she had an important conversation with Peter. As I’ve mentioned previously, Peter is hesitant to propose because he only wants to do it once in his life. He wants to know 100% that that is the girl he is going to spend his life with before he gets down on one knee. This should be wonderful news to Rachel, who in the last couple of episodes has seemed desperate to be engaged. Instead, this looks like a lack of commitment to her. I have never seen an argument like this on The Bachelor(ette) before. It was an actual thing that a couple would fight about. To me, that should’ve been a sign for Rachel that things were real between her and Peter. Instead, she lets herself believe that Peter doesn’t love her enough to make her happy and propose to her. giphy-1.gif

Peter told her, “I choose to have one opportunity and that is my choice.” At this point, Rachel knows that if he were to propose it would be just to appease her and not because that was when he wanted to do it. They both realized that they came to a stalemate in their argument and they ultimately decided to call things off. It was the hardest breakup I’ve ever seen on the show. They didn’t want to say goodbye and they didn’t have to. I don’t want to sit here and pick on Rachel, but she made a superficial choice. Maybe she does love Bryan and have chemistry with him, but from that argument, there is no way that they have the mature relationship that she could have had with Peter. She chose an engagement, and she chose Bryan by default.giphy.gif

I am sad for Peter that he went through this. I think he was being a mature and responsible adult and I really really hope I don’t see him as The Bachelor. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see more Peter on my tv screen. However, if he couldn’t commit to one woman he was dating I don’t think it would look good on his character to date 25 at once. We shall see. I also feel bad for him because when he and Rachel reunited to talk about the breakup for the first time, she was cold. She scoffed at him and told him that she was living her best life. That’s great, but there’s a crying dude next to you who is hurt and confused. Have a heart, lady.

Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers.)

So what did YOU think? How long will Rachel and Bryan last? Will she post some snobby stuff on social media to defend herself? Who will be The Bachelor? Let me know in the comments!


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