Limited Vocabul-Arie

Monday. The best day of the week, my peeps. I love watching this show. It’s mindless and it’s fun and it’s simple and it’s funny. But hooooly cow. Arie is so boring. I thought Ben was boring and now I owe an apology to Ben. At least he could have a meaningful conversation with someone. Arie is just so dull that I feel bad that these girls are competing for him. I hope they realize this watching back and unless they want that in a partner, they move on and find someone better and more interesting.

  1. Arie and the girls arrived in exotic Fort Lauderdale. The hotel room was amazing and everyone was very excited. That sentence right there is what it’s like watching this season. Arie is either nervous or just dumb. He can’t hold a compelling conversation to save his life.
  2. His first one-on-one was with Chelsea, whose only personality trait is that she’s a mother. I hate this. I HATE this. You are not defined by the fact that you have a child, Chelsea. She said she wanted Arie to see her as more than just a mom and then proceeded to remind him that she is a mom during their entire date. She’s amazing though and they had an amazing time so Arie gave her a rose.giphy-3
  3. Maquel came back and went on the group date with Krystal, Becca, Bekah, Jenna, Sienne, Kendall, Ashley, Marikh, Jacqueline, and Lauren. They went bowling with Arie. This date opened with Arie licking a bowling ball. If this is a reference, I do not understand and I do not want to.
  4. The girls were split into two teams and the winning team’s prize was spending the rest of the evening with Arie. However, he felt bad leaving five girls out of the date and decided to include them anyway. This went really well with Krystal, who before the date said desperately fighting for his attention was just not her.giphy-1
  5. Isn’t it funny that it’s not like her to fight for his attention, yet she’s completely cool with packing her bags, calling Arie a liar, and not going on the date? She’s charming.
  6. When Arie gets to the date the girls tell him what went on in their hotel room and why Krystal wasn’t there. He gave her exactly what she wanted and went to go see her. She was excited about this until Arie, who finally did something right, told her she needed to stay in and said goodnight to her without a kiss. Thank you, Arie! Krystal did decide to come downstairs for the date, but the girls (mostly badass Bekah) were not having it and she went back to her room. Lauren ended up with the rose that night.
  7. ABC is a jerk and played a commercial for next week’s episode in the middle of this one so before the rose ceremony we learned that Krystal is still here. Thanks for that!giphy
  8. Tia and Arie went on a date on a boat with alligators. She got a rose. It was uneventful because the focus of this episode was so highly on Krystal.
  9. The cocktail party brought more discussion between Arie and Krystal. She said, “awww, it’s our first fight.” He replied, “and it could be our last.” ARIE, THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN THE BEST POSSIBLE TIME TO SEND THIS JERK HOME. He also was shocked and amazed to learn that Lauren puts coconut milk in her coffee (he’s not interesting at all) and he and Kendall debated whether or not they’d try human meat. I think he is going to keep Kendall around for a while because she’s unique and a little out there and he is clinging to it because he wants some of her personality to rub off on him.
  10. Roses went to Bekah, Sienne, Kendall, Becca, Jacqueline, Jenna, Krystal. Maquel literally came back from her grandpa’s funeral just to get sent home. That made me sad.
  11. Ooooh yeah, there’s an 11. I don’t usually post anything about spoilers so don’t read ahead if you don’t want this…Arie is not with the girl he chose at the end of the show. He is with another girl from this season though. I’m only saying this because it’s out there now and Ashley I. and Ben are talking about it so boom. There is it.


Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers, and in no particular order.)
Becca K.
Lauren B.

So, what did YOU think? Is it time for Krystal to go or do you watch for the drama? Why did Arie lick a bowling ball? How great is my vocabul-arie pun? I sat on it for a week so please say it’s great. Would you have come back if you were Maquel? Let me know in the comments!


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