Arie You Done Yet?

Welcome to Paris! The city of having meaningful one sentence conversations and then making out. Also, has this season flown by for anyone else? Are there fewer episodes or something? I feel like we just started! But here we Arie…sorry.

  1. The first date was for Lauren. I’ve been rooting for her since the beginning, mostly by accident because of her name being first alphabetically of all of the Laurens. This date ruined it for me. I know she was being real and honest and open, but I found her to be so boring. So I am still rooting for her, but now it’s because I think she and Arie should go off and be boring together.
  2. The group date was a Moulin Rouge dance routine for Jenna, Becca, Sienne, Bekah, Tia, and Chelsea. This is one of those dates where you have to just ham it up if you’re not feeling it.
  3. Tia and Becca were not feeling it and it showed. Sienne was loving dancing because she is in her element. Jenna was almost too enthusiastic, which was confusing because I’m still not sure how she made it this far. Chelsea I don’t remember seeing on this date at all. In the end, it was Bekah who outshined all of the other bachelorettes.giphy-1
  4. Bekah got to dance on stage with Arie, the most awkward person on Earth, while all of the other girls miserably watched from the audience. Homegirl was killing it up there too. Normally I get when girls say they’re jealous of the girl on the date who gets to spend extra time with him but with this date that’s just silly. They were up on stage performing and not talking to each other or kissing or cuddling or anything private. I know Bekah got the rose, but I don’t think that necessarily took anything away from any other girls.
  5.  The notorious two-on-one date this season (assuming this is the only one…there’s not really another villain) featured Kendall and Krystal. As far as these dates go, this one was pretty mellow. Especially considering how much drama Krystal has created this season, this wasn’t the most dramatic two-on-one I’ve ever seen. Kelsey and Ashley I. are hanging on TIGHT to that title. The best part of this date was when Arie told them to go through a maze to find him and Kendall got super lost and was just wandering around. giphy
  6. Arie did not seem super stoked for this date and said he knew his relationship had gone downhill with Krystal after last week’s bowling fiasco. Krystal got to Arie first and used her time to tell him that Kendall isn’t ready for marriage. In what could have been another incredible “I know what you did” moment, Kendall kept her cool and called Krystal out. She said she can tell that Krystal has a hard time connecting with people and that she’s been through a lot of pain. This was an amazing approach because it pissed Krystal right off.giphy-3
  7. Somehow after this Arie still wasn’t sure who should get a rose, so they both joined him at dinner. Luckily, he decided to give the rose to Kendall and they kissed at the Eiffel Tower was Krystal looked on, dumbfounded.
  8. Somehow there was time for another one-on-one date and Jacqueline finally got to spend some time with Arie. He told her that he used to think she was too smart for him but he doesn’t think that anymore. Umm… thanks? Their date was emotional. If it were a first date in the real world there wouldn’t be a second. She wants to continue her education and he wants to be a boring former racecar driver. I hope she doesn’t stick around after next week because I think she can do a lot better, but she did get a rose on her date.giphy-2
  9. The three remaining roses went to Tia, Sienne, and Becca. Lauren was upset that other girls got roses because she’s DUMB. I seriously didn’t understand her issue at all. Did she just wake up?
  10. Arie doesn’t care about backstory. Chelsea wouldn’t shut up about how she is a mom. Any other bachelor would have asked about it, sent her home to be with her a kid and made a point of emphasizing that, talked about meeting the kid, asked to see pictures…not Arie. He doesn’t care. Not about anyone’s story. Lauren was trying to tell him that her parents’ marriage was rocky and he could only say “wow.” He doesn’t care and that’s what his relationships have lacked.

Who’s Gonna Last? (My predictions, not spoilers, and in no particular order.)
Becca K.
Lauren B.

So, what did YOU think? Were you expecting more drama on that two-on-one? Has your front-runner changed? Who was the best performer that the Moulin Rouge? Who has been your pick for best and worst dressed this season? Let me know in the comments!


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