Limited Vocabul-Arie

Monday. The best day of the week, my peeps. I love watching this show. It’s mindless and it’s fun and it’s simple and it’s funny. But hooooly cow. Arie is so boring. I thought Ben was boring and now I owe an apology to Ben. At least he could have a meaningful conversation with someone.… Continue reading Limited Vocabul-Arie

To Thine Own Self Be True

We had a whirlwind two-night Bachelorette event this week and just when I thought things in Bachelor Nation were getting a little too predictable, Rachel threw some curveballs. In case you have better things to be doing than watching four hours of reality television (and I’d like to know what you deem more important than… Continue reading To Thine Own Self Be True

Sorry I Napped

I’m having some major issues with this season. It’s not with Corinne’s antics or how much Nick loves to kiss or how Taylor can’t butt out of drama. No, it is instead with this screen. Without this, I would have known for the last three weeks who does not receive a rose at the end… Continue reading Sorry I Napped


I hate when episodes end with “To Be Continued.” If last week’s episode would have finished in a timely manner, I would know that Lacey would not have gotten a rose and I could have removed her from my fantasy league final picks. Unfortunately, the picks were locked in last night and Lacey will remain… Continue reading “Everybody!”

I Feel Grape!

We’re so close to hometown dates! I can’t wait! But first, since he wouldn’t stop whining about it, Alex got his one-on-one date. JoJo and Alex went to a ranch to learn how to be gauchos for the day. More importantly, and way more entertaining, the rest of the guys did this. If I were JoJo,… Continue reading I Feel Grape!

Puppy Love and Pity Roses

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve last seen JoJo and friends, but we left off on Chad being a terrifying person and trying to get into the guys’ house in Pennsylvania. Not a whole lot happened with this situation- at least, not as much as the previews hinted at. Basically, Chad said in a… Continue reading Puppy Love and Pity Roses

Love Is Definitely, Possibly On The Horizon

Greetings, Bachelor Nation. We’ve got quite a bit to catch up on from our dramatic two-night Bachelorette special. Let’s dive in. The first one-on-one this week went to Chase. JoJo took her date to a yoga studio that is much different than any yoga studio you’ve probably been to before. After throwing a fake tantrum,… Continue reading Love Is Definitely, Possibly On The Horizon