Really, Rachel?

Y’all, we don’t even need a list of ten things that happened this week on The Bachelorette. One thing happened and that one thing was the most frustrating argument I’ve ever seen. After Peter and Bryan’s fantasy suite dates, Eric not receiving a rose, and Rachel’s last dates before the final rose, she had an… Continue reading Really, Rachel?

Happily Ever After?

We made it! We don’t have to see Nick Viall ever again until next week when Dancing with the Stars premieres! I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t catch this entire episode. It wasn’t on purpose! My DVR pooped out and didn’t record the first hour. So leaving out Vanessa’s date, here’s what you need to… Continue reading Happily Ever After?

The Final Rose

We made it! More importantly, I made it! I got through this entire season without wanting to quit my blog or throw my computer through a window or punch anyone. That is a lot more than I can say for the previous season. Here’s what went down with each dude last night… Jordan: JoJo loves him… Continue reading The Final Rose

Is It January Yet?

Here we go! One last episode on Kaitlyn’s Bachelorette journey – tonight the guys meet her family and she picks which dude she loves more. The episode opens with Kaitlyn talking to her family, who are all incredibly surprised to learn that Nick and Shawn hate each other. Kaitlyn’s mom, Leslie, is a little shocked… Continue reading Is It January Yet?