Really, Rachel?

Y’all, we don’t even need a list of ten things that happened this week on The Bachelorette. One thing happened and that one thing was the most frustrating argument I’ve ever seen. After Peter and Bryan’s fantasy suite dates, Eric not receiving a rose, and Rachel’s last dates before the final rose, she had an… Continue reading Really, Rachel?

“Besos Me”

Three men left. We’re almost there! Who will Rachel choose to continue her journey of love with? This week we got to see the bachelors meet Rachel’s family and spend the night in the Fantasy Suite. Oh la la! In case you missed the show, here’s what you need to know: Peter Rachel and Peter shop… Continue reading “Besos Me”

Hometown Happenings

Hi there. I’m Ted. I’m Amelia’s boyfriend. I’m going to write this blog this week. I’ve never really seen The Bachelorette. Buckle up. It’s hometown date week! Which is a very big deal on this show. It proves that these guys pretend-love this lady so much that they’re willing to show how disastrous their families… Continue reading Hometown Happenings

To Thine Own Self Be True

We had a whirlwind two-night Bachelorette event this week and just when I thought things in Bachelor Nation were getting a little too predictable, Rachel threw some curveballs. In case you have better things to be doing than watching four hours of reality television (and I’d like to know what you deem more important than… Continue reading To Thine Own Self Be True